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Summary of Usage: The apparatus can be used in laboratory, enterprise of industrial and mining, scientific research institute for testing elements and quenching, annealing and tempering of small steel by heating. High temperature furnace can be used in metals, ceramic material for heating, melting and analysis by heating.  

Product Characteristics: This series of furnaces are all rectangle. The wall of furnace is made of angle steel and high quality steel welded.   The body of the furnace is made of refractory materials. The heating part is put into the chamber. There are thermal insulation materials between body and shell of the furnace.   The furnace door fixed on the surface through multi-hinges that open and close depend on the self weight of door through lever principle to make door closely on the surface opening. If you want to open the door, you need to raise slightly, then out of hook, put it on the left. There is a safe switch below entrance of the furnace that connect with furnace door. When door is open, the power is automatically cut off in order to protect the customer' safety.   Microprocessor controller. Digital display temperature value. Equipped with big visual current meter that be observed clearly

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