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        The precursors of the Cemaco Hanoi were the Chemical Laboratory Supplies store and the Electric Machine store, which were established in 1959 (under the Ministry of Domestic Trade).

In 1971, the Chemicals and Electrical Materials Corporation was established under the Ministry of Material.

In 1979, the company of Chemicals and Laboratory Supplies was transferred into the Scientific and Technological Supplies Company, under the Ministry of Material, which was the only Company provided chemicals and laboratory supplies to all the laboratories all over the nation.


In 1995, the Office of the  Chemicals Electric Materials Corporation  and the Scientific  Technical  Company merged together into the Chemicals and Scientific Technological Materials Company (Cemaco Hanoi), under the Ministry of Trade.


Since May 2004, the company has been transformed into the Chemicals and Scientific Technological Materials joint stock company (Cemaco Hanoi) by the Decree 64 of the government and the government holds a 34.1% share.


In the situation of Vietnam joined the WTO and is deeply integrating, the equitization of the company has became a major driving for the company development. If the company's turnover was 200 billion VND in 2004, then it was 500 billion VND in 2009. Especially, the commodity of scientific and technological supplies has had a big break-through. In 1995, the turnover was 24 billion VND, but in 2009, it reached nearly 300 billion VND. Along with the higher profits, the employees’ living standard has been being increased year after year.




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